Miami Television Advertising

Just like radio advertising, if your goal is to reach mass audiences, television advertising is also a great option.

Unlike radio advertising, you have two types of television advertising. Cable programming and local stations programming. Cable (in this example Comcast) advertising cam be bought for certain programming on a particular station and flexibility to reach only certain geographical areas, just like you would with direct mail campaigns. Media buy can bought by zip codes in order to reach only certain households.

Local stations (4, 6, 7, 10, 23, 51, etc) media are bought to cover complete market they service. For instance, if you bought air time for channel 6 (NBC), your commercial would air throughout Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

Just like radio, Creative Consulting Services can gather viewer data from Nielsen Media (see more under radio) in our to provide our clients with transparent information in order to allocate advertising dollars in the right television station and or programming. Again, data can be filtered to reach service certain audience/s.

Advantages of Television Advertising:

Unlike radio, television can grab viewer attention in two way, visual and auditory. The multiple sensory appeal and its opportunity for creativity are the major advantages. Our clients can show off their product, dialogue about it and create stories using humor, drama or action. Television can have lasting impression by it’s use of visual effects.

Just like radio, television can has a high viewer count at it’s perspective day or evening time slots. Of course, the highest viewing audience will fall in the evening between 8 and 11pm. There is of course a direct relationship, the higher the audience the higher the air time cost.

With so many cable and local channel television options, we can put together a television advertising campaign that fits your budget and targets your ideal audience.

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Some of the stations we work with: