Miami Radio Advertising

If your advertising goal is to reach mass audiences, aside from television radio is the media of choice. As a full service Miami advertising agency, we posses relationships with major South Florida radio companies in order to provide out clients with different radio station formats that enable us to reach different demographics. For example, if your target audience are Hispanics that are: 30-plus years old, have incomes of $50k and up, and live in Miami-Dade county; we can pull date that gives us a ranker for which stations are best suited for this target. A successful radio campaign is achieved through repetition and frequent exposure to listener/s.

For all radio buys, we gather Nielsen Media ratings. Nielsen Media is an international media and marketing research firm servicing radio, television, and out-of-home media. By partnering with Nielsen Media and affiliates, Creative Consulting Services can access Nielsen’s measure network at a local and nationwide level to provide out clients with hard data.

This is one of the ways on how we hit the mark every time!

Advantages of Radio Advertising:

As mentioned earlier, radio advertising’s reach is very large. Did you know that on some stations, the hourly reach can be as big as 300,000 listeners?

Radio is one of the most affordable ways for a small and mid-sized business to efficiently target a local audience. Radio also has good reach at a local. Depending on your budget, we can choose a station that has just the right amount of listeners/ coverage. Some of the other advantages of South Florida radio advertising are: low production cost, extensive station options, targeted demographics, and you can run multiple ads at the same time.

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Some of the stations we work with: