Outdoor Media

Miami Outdoor Advertising

Besides radio, outdoor media is one of the oldest out of home media options. Interested in making a large impact in a specific neighborhood, go BIG with a static or dynamic (digital) billboard on a major South Florida highways.

If a traditional billboard is a little to big, we also offer placement into junior boards. Junior boards are available in specific intersections within a certain community in order to grab market share at a local level.

Aside from traditional and junior billboards, we also provide placement on bus shelters and benches. When strategically placed they can have a great impact in the community. The key is to have a couple of them running at any given month in order for them to be effective.

Finally, we also work with public transportation vehicles. These include: buses, Metrorail, and related for a more complete coverage of certain geographical areas.

Creative Consulting Services can design and provide a complete outdoor media campaign strategy for optimal market response!

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising:

Just as other medias have their individual advantages; outdoor media can provide the following benefits:

  •  Local community and market branding
  •  Can be used with multiple promotions
  •  Works great to reinforce other advertising campaigns
  •  Large boards can have a great impact
  •  Geographical rotation of advertising among digital boards
  •  Placement of ads throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach
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