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Direct Mail Marketing

As the best tangible media available, direct mail has its place for any marketing campaign. With so many filters available for just about any sector in the U.S., CCS can pull reports that target to specific demographic and geographic data.

The database is compiled via the USPS® CDS updating service and the US Census Bureau. By working with both channels, you make sure that the database we use is as accurate as possible. By doing so, we eliminate addresses that are not valid or homes that are un-occupied. Ultimately, this in return makes for a more effective direct mail campaign. Our mailing data is practically limitless.

We can pull very specific data at a personal or commercial level. For example, if you are a pediatric office and only want to mail to homes with: women 30+ of age, have kids 12 & under, have income of $70k+, and live in Miami Beach. We can make it happen!

As an full service advertising agency, we can build a direct mail campaign that is sure to hit the mark. We can weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly campaigns. Moreover, we can print your mail piece on various postcard dimensions. Anything from a 8.5X5” to a full 8.5X11”.

Why Direct Mail Marketing:
Local Market Media

Ideal marketing when targeting local market / community

Demographic targeted

Income, gender, type of insurance, and households with families

Graphic Design

Eye popping graphic design that is sure to stand out

Services Rendered Offers

Campaign tied to treatment offers and call to actions

Website Visits

Offers reinforcement of online and offline campaigns

Call Analytics

Included for a small fee, we implement call tracking

services in order to track campaign results and used for training

Are you ready to start capturing new patients/customers?

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